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Bulgaria ofrece un abanico muy amplio de tipologías de turismo. Elige el tuyo!


Sustainable tourism in Bulgaria?

We will explain you what sustainable tourism means and we’ll tell you some helpful tips you can use during your visit in Bulgarian or any other future destination. 

Get ready for your trip

Before you come you might have to check some important information for your trip to Bulgaria

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Travel insurance

Travel insurance

The company World Nomads offers a complete insurance package for any king of trip and duration

ID Document


¿Do you need a visa? It is mandatory to bring your personal ID wherever you go in Bulgaria



The Bulgarian Lev (BGN) maintains a constant rate to the Euro.
1,95 BGN = 1 Euro


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The city of Plovdiv was chosen, along with the Italian city Matera, as the Cultural Capital of Europe 2019.