We are going to make an interesting summary of the history of the most ancient country in Europe which still retains its name since it was founded. Below you can see the different stages of the history of Bulgaria and its most important leaders.


First Bulgarian Empire

681 a.C.

Khan Asparuh

Founded the First Bulgarian Kingdom

701 – 721

Khan Tervel

Stops the Asiatic invasion towards Europe

803 – 814

Khan Krum

Implements the first laws and they are famous for being really strict.

852 – 889

Kniaz Boris

The Bulgarian people accept the Christian religion and Kiril and his brother Metodiy implement the Cyrillic alphabet. “Kniaz” is a Slav word for prince or tsar.

893 – 927

Tsar Simeon

The “Golden” ages of Bulgarian culture and literature and for his conquests. Bulgaria reached boundaries with 3 seas: The Black Sea, The Adriatic Sea, and The Aegean Sea.

Year 927

The First Bulgarian Kingdom falls under Byzantine occupation

Historia búlgara

Second Bulgarian Empire

Year 1176

Tsar Asen y Petar

Asen y Petar are brothers and they carry out the re-conquest of Bulgaria. The Second Bulgarian Kingdom begins.

1197 – 1207

Tsar Kaloyan

Creates connections with the Roman Pope and the Catholic Church.

1218 – 1241

Tsar Ivan Asen

The son of Asen. He brings years of prosperity to Bulgaria. Starts to cut the first coins.

1371 – 1395

Tsar Ivan Shishman

In 1395 the Second Bulgarian Kingdom falls under the Ottoman Empire.

Year 1395

The Second Bulgarian Kingdom falls under Ottoman Empire

Modern history

Vasil Levski

Year 1878

The years under Ottoman occupation have been devastating for the Bulgarian culture and religion. Vasil Levski is considered as a national hero for his contribution to the liberation of Bulgaria in 1878, 5 years after his death.

1954 – 1989

Todor Zhivkov

General secretary of the Communism Party

Considered as a dictator by many, Todor Zhivkov was in charge of the country for 35 years

Since the 10th of November Bulgaria is a parliament democratic country.

Additional information

The guys from The Bulgarian History Podcast have created this exceptional PODCAST that is only available in English and Bulgarian at the moment. They explain in a very precise and verified way the history of Bulgaria throughout its history. The podcast is available for iOS, Android, and Spotify.

There are more pages with articles and very interesting information about the history of Bulgaria, but much of it is available only in Bulgarian. Even so, you can use the Google translator if some part of Bulgarian history can get your attention so much.

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